MHC is here for everyone!

22 June 2023

Bonaire is celebrating its first “Pride” this week from June 21-25, 2023, organized by the EQ Foundation. On our island we are privileged to have a great diversity of people with different cultures, beliefs, color and sexual orientation.

Our ambition as MHC is to improve the quality of life of all inhabitants of the Dutch Caribbean by providing high quality mental health care. For us, this also means that we focus on the well-being of each of our clients.

With this we emphasize that everyone is welcome at MHC and that exclusion and discrimination have no place in our care. As healthcare professionals we are well aware of the disastrous effects of exclusion and discrimination on the mental health of people.

During Pride on Bonaire we will therefore raise the flag for inclusion of the LGBT+ community (the rainbow flag) as a sign that as a healthcare institution we are open and welcoming to all, regardless of orientation or gender identity.

Let’s all celebrate the beautiful diversity and unity of the Bonaire community, because MHC is here for everyone!