Island managers


Marcelino Mauricio (1960) has been the island manager of the Foundation for Addiction and Psychiatry Caribbean Netherlands [Stichting Verslavingszorg en Psychiatrie Caribisch Nederland – SVP-CN] in Bonaire since the foundation in July 2012. He was previously employed as the coordinator of the Foundation for Addiction Bonaire [Stichting Verslavingszorg Bonaire] of the former Island Territory of Bonaire.

Marcelino can be contacted by email at or by telephone on (+599) 7961011.

Sint Eustatius en Saba

Jacco Vaders (1973) started his career in psychiatry in the 1990s. First, as a psychiatric nurse and shortly thereafter as a community psychiatric nurse. Jacco has been living in the Caribbean since 2010. After working with our chain partner ‘the Mental Health Foundation’ on Sint Maarten for three years, Jacco started working at Mental Health Caribbean since 2013. Initially, he used to work as a senior community psychiatric nurse on Saba for three years, and more recently has been a team leader in child psychiatry on Bonaire. Jacco is the island manager for both Sint Eustatius and Saba since July 2017.

Jacco can be reached by email at or by telephone on (+599) 796101.