The Resilensia Practice

The Resilensia Practice

Resilensia is a department of MHC that started on January 1, 2021 to be able to offer accesible psychological treatment on Bonaire. We provide psychological care to adults, youth and children who suffer from mild to moderate psychological complaints.

Our team consists of several psychologists, a practitioner with a nursing background and a GZ psychologist who is also the main practitioner. The team is supported by a secretary and a team leader.

To guarantee the privacy of our clients, we use our own electronic patient file. Confidential information is only reported to those directly involved in your treatment.

For whom?

We provide basic mental health care, which means that we treat mild to moderate psychological complaints, including:

Mood complaints: sadness, loneliness, feeling hopeless, depressive complaints, strongly fluctuating mood.
Anxiety complaints: phobias, panic attacks, compulsive actions, recurrent thoughts, worrying, fear of failure.
Adjustment and processing problems: grief processing, trauma processing, dealing with illness, life phase problems.
Identity problems: negative self-image, insecurity, assertiveness problems, shame.
Interpersonal problems: dealing with divorce, conflict, victim of harmful behavior (bullying, violence, manipulation, narcissistic relationship/parent, etc).
Work and study problems: beginning burnout, complaints, loss of work, concentration problems, fear of failure, underachievement.
Sleep problems: falling asleep / staying asleep
Mild psychosomatic complaints: headache, abdominal pain, all kinds of tension complaints, hyperventilation, prolonged fatigue as a result of stress factors
Behavioral and adjustment problems in children and youth.

The treatments are short-term. A treatment consists of a maximum of 8 sessions of 45 minutes on average.

What do we do?

The aim of our interventions is to reduce complaints and/or symptoms, improve well-being and increase the resilience of clients. Processing unpleasant experiences / traumas is an important part of this. In addition, the interventions are aimed at further development, more independence and a better future perspective for the client. Relapse prevention is also a point of attention.


Would you like treatment at the Resilensia practice? Then you need a referral from your general practitioner or specialist. The referral will be sent to MHC and will be reviewed by the general healthcare administration. If it appears that your referral is suitable for our practice, you will be called by a Resilensia employee for a further intake. We strive for the shortest possible waiting time for your treatment.

Location and contact details:

Psychologist practice Resilensia
Kaya P Silié 10 (blue building)
Kralendijk, Bonaire
Tel.: +599 717 0166 / +599 796 1132