Prevention: what is our role?

The goal of prevention is to deter people from getting into trouble as a result of substance abuse, gaming and gambling. We work for the general public and work with and for young people and their parents. We also focus on professionals.

Our activities and projects

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us! Below some further information on the services we offer.

Improving local health care

The Government body of Bonaire has asked us to focus our prevention activities to inform people on the health risks of substance abuse. The goal is to create awareness among the people and to reduce substance abuse.

Improving expertise

By providing advice, information and by coaching to professionals and volunteers, we aim to provide a significant reduction of risky behaviour and substance abuse.

Alcohol and drugs use among youth

We focus on the use of alcohol and drugs by the youth. We aim to inform young people in locations where they are located, such as community centres, churches and schools.

Outreach prevention

Our outreach prevention enables us to reach groups of young people who are at risk and who are often regarded as difficult and unmotivated. Young people who are at risk are experiencing problems as a result of their substance abuse in two areas of their life, school, work, family and leisure time, and who show deviating behaviour and subsequent risky behaviour. We offer the following activities:

Providing information

  • Taking part in care structures, such as care advice teams and talking with young people
  • Providing information and advice in meetings
  • Focussing on care
  • Providing advice with regard to the policy to reduce the consumption of alcohol and drugs
  • Providing information and training to various companies
  • Activities in order to provide information, such as Makubeken in Rincon in collaboration with the pastor of Rincon
  • Public campaigns

Field research

Research into drug use on Bonaire

Policy advice

In addition to the above mentioned activities and projects, we support municipalities, schools, societies and facilities in drawing up and following up on the substance abuse policy within the organisation.