Adult (F-ACT)

MHC offers customized care for a wide range of psychological and psychiatric problems.

For the treatment of simple psychological complaints such as anxiety or depression, collaboration with the independent psychologists on the island are sought. For appropriate care a referral may be needed.

If there are psychological or psychiatric problems and/or addiction problems, for which more intensive treatment or long-term care is indicated, a broadly composed multidisciplinary F-ACT team is used. The term F-ACT stands for: Flexible Assertive Community Treatment. This multi-disciplinary care is primarily aimed at the more complex and chronic psychiatric and/or addition problems. It offers consultation support to chain partners and systems surrounding the client.

The most important characteristics are:

  • Clients are supported in getting a better grip on their lives, on what they want to achieve, on reducing complaints, and on organizing practical help in daily life (for the latter there is intensive cooperation with other social institutions)
  • Family and environment are involved in the care
  • If necessary, the care providers will actively seek their parties and motivate them to accept help (outreaching care)
  • If necessary, the intensity of care can be greatly increased. The team is responsible for keeping in touch
  • The team is available 24/7
  • The F-ACT team also offers consultative support to chain partners and systems around the client